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Awkward Voices

Glór na Móna’s talk series called ‘Awkward Voices’- Imagining a new world- began during the COVID-19 lockdown and comprises a series of public interviews with prominent activists, writers and academics via zoom covering history, politics, philosophy, sociology, sociolinguistics, health and environment. 2020 Programme Available Here!

In 2023 we published a new podcast series of Awkward Voices for informed, creative and constructive debate and discussion at community level. Have a listen to the new series here!

Awkward Voices aim’s to:

Facilitate community growth and participatory democracy practices by fostering informed, inclusive, creative and constructive debate and discussion. By critically engaging working-class communities on issues of history, politics and social justice, we aim to promote a greater understanding of our past in order that we can grow as a community in a more just and humane future.

We believe that the Covid crisis has opened a unique space for critical reflection in which utopian ideas can be discussed and engaged with in the understanding that we can and should find alternative ways of being and organising our society in a fairer and more sustainable way in the time ahead.

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