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Fishing Club

Our fishing club (Cumann Iascaireachta Loch Lao) was established in March 2015 by our young people who wanted to create more socially opportunities and fun ways for them to use the Irish language. The main aim of the club is to promote the language through fishing, that will add the value of the Irish language to our members. The club is open to all, whether you are fluent, learning, or have a cúpla focal and want to add to your stór focal. One of biggest aims in 2016 was try and get more women involved, which was achieved and we now have more female members than male members.

There will be an training day in May of this year to give all our members the necessary information about fishing equipment, the environment and health and safety, while fishing. We will also have a number of day trips during the months of May – September.


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