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darkest geo-political crisis...

Féile na carraige 2019 is taking place with these islands in the throes of the darkest geo-political crisis it has faced in over a half a century as the chaos of the Brexit endgame descends upon us menacingly. as the global environmental and climate emergency also moves towards breaking point, communities across the globe are awakening to the necessity of activism for a betterworld.

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therefore, Glór na móna are proud to raise our voices in the national conversation taking place in irish civil society for a new and transformed ireland.We are also delighted to have participated in the establishment of the newcommunity based environmental campaign,‘mUScail- anotherworld is possible’that played an organising role in the Global climate strike action last month and who are also planning future activities to raise awareness on the severity of the crisis facing us. This type of transformational activism is synonymous with the guiding ethos of Féile na carraige: participation, politics and community. these events and projects captured in the Féile aim to create spaces that foster critical reflection and community empowerment.

Féile 2019 aims to excavate emancipatory segments of our communities’ history of struggle to not only celebrate these rousing achievements but also, more importantly to inspire us in the present in order to help us face the immense challenges ahead. amongst these, we will focus on the cultural, linguistic and social revolution that exploded from the pioneering Shaw road Gaeltacht project which planted the seed of our language revival 5o years ago and continues tomotivates us in our dailywork. these same Gaels also led on the rebuilding of Bombay Streetwhichwas their courageous response to Belfast’s bloody program which will be highlighted in our showing of the powerful Brassneck productions play, ‘Something in the air’. in addition, we will give voice to the continuing campaign for truth and justice being fought by victims of the brutal British state policy of collusion as aired in the award winning film, Unquiet Graves’,whilst also continuing to support our prominent high-profile local campaign for organ donation, iS deontÓirmé as encapsulated by our little Ballymurphy Warrior, daithímac Gabhann.

We will celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of local women who brought international attention to our struggle for justice through establishing the JUStus women’s theatre group over 2o years ago which will be followed by an intergenerational women’s long-table lunch.this year’s Féile also looks at the explosive revolutionary period at the beginning of the last century as we reflect 100 years on from the radical fervour that saw the enshrinement of the democratic programme of the First dáil in 1919.

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Our annual harry holland lecture will continue to utilise an innovative and enjoyable‘song and story’ methodology to depict‘ireland’s War of independence ’and the new filmon the hidden history of the irB which will be shown through our partnership with cultúrlann mc Adam Ó Fiaich and the respect FilmFestival. our young people will again build on last year’s hugely successful youth assembly with some focussed reflection reserved for how we take action that challenges the effects of the economic hardship emanating from our fractured political system and the associated mental health emergency facing our communities which will be discussed on World mental health day on 10 october.

In contrast of course and to give balance to the intense programme of debate, discussion and reflection, we will also have our annual foray of music and entertainment that concludes our Féile.We will showcase local, national and international music talent to conjure the Féile spirit during Gig na carraige finale linking resistance and hope. as the prominent novelist and activist arundhati roy stated, ‘another world is not only possible, she is on her way. on a quiet day, i can hear her breathing.’

So join us as we breathe new life into the collective struggle for change and transformation!

Is ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine

For further information regarding an event, please contact: oifig@glornamona.com / 02890 234442

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