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Féile na gCloigíní Gorma 2024 launched under the sun in the packed Gael-Ionad Mhic Goill

Junior Minister Aisling Reilly and Lord Mayor Ryan Murphy launched the unique Upper Springfield festival

We are excited that the local community launched Féile na gCloigíní Gorma 2024 in the sun at Gael-Ionad Mhic Goill, named after the pioneering Gael Seán Mac Goill whom the festival commemorates this year.

This is the 7th festival in the past 8 years as we lost a year due to the pandemic, making the festival all the more significant under the watchwords of ‘Community, Solidarity, Well-being’. The festival was founded in 2017 as a response to a period of harsh austerity that left people in the area feeling low, with the aim of reconnecting the locals with the beautiful environment around us, among other ways to demonstrate community participation.

We use the green bells as a symbol to remind people of the joy of life, of their natural heritage, and the importance of health and community participation, and we have a packed program again this year!

Launching the festival, Junior Minister Aisling Reilly said:

”This festival is a wonderful celebration of community, health and the local environment. Now celebrating its eighth year, it continues to go from strength to strength. From the start, the driving force of the festival has always been health and wellbeing in the local community with the focus of addressing issues which affect the local community, particularly around mental health. It gives people the opportunity to experience the stunning landscape around them, to get out and enjoy the incredible nature, and we have some of the very best of that just sitting here at the foot of the Black Mountain.”

In addition, Mayor Ryan Murphy stated:

”Entering its eighth year, the festival stands as a testament to resilience, born from the challenges of austerity and adversity. Founded by local activists amidst times of hardship, Féile na gCloigíní Gorma emerged as a beacon of hope, fostering unity and solidarity in the face of hardship.

Reflecting on the strides made last year, we pay homage to the pioneers of the inaugural 1973 festival, whose torch of hope ignited the path for Féile na gCloigíní Gorma. Their legacy inspires us, as we navigate the footsteps of courage and vision, honoringthose who dedicated themselves to community empowerment and grassroots initiatives.”

On behalf of the Festival Committee, Eoghan Ó Garmaile said:

“Having been founded by Upper Springfield community organisers in 2017 during a harsh period of severe austerity, ever-increasing poverty and a worsening mental health crisis, this unique community festival is growing every year under the watchwords of Community, Solidarity and Wellbeing.

“This year, we are delighted and inspired to announce that we have international delegations visiting the Féile which include a cohort of grassroots mental health practitioners from Pennsylvenia who are partnering with us in our collective fight for alternative approaches to mental health and our current structure of society, and another delegation from indigenous, riverine and agrarian traditional communities of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest.

“Féile na gCloigíní Gorma 2024 promises a packed 8 day extravaganza which mixes serious discussion that explores the key issues of the day and fun-filled outdoor program of activities  and events for the community to enjoy: with SEN family days, a community walk and run on the mountain, The Hills Are Alive outdoor activities with the Rewilding the Black Mountain project, community lunch by the asylum seeker and refugee campaign Kind Economy, interview with Dublin GAA legend Jim Gavin, sunrise swims, sports tournaments, the Scríbhneoirí an tSléibhe poetry night, a Stonelifting workshop with David Keohan and much more all culminating with our Féile gig featuring some of the best local musicians at 8pm Saturday 18th May in the West Social Club.”

Check out the full program here

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