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Léacht Harry Holland

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A chairde, beidh ár léacht blianitiúil in ómós Harry Holland ag toiseacht ar a 19:30  i nGort na Móna ar an Aoine 12ú de mí Deireadh Fómhair. Le tosú, beidh léacht léargasach againn ar Críochdheilghilt, Conradh agus an Stát Oráisteach 1920 – 1922 leis an Dr Fergal McCluskey. Ina dhiaidh sin, beidh sárcheol againn a bhuí le J.j Ó Dochartaigh! Bígí linn!!








A chairde, our annual lecture in dedicated to Harry Holland will start at 19:30 in Gort na Móna on Friday the 12th of October. To begn with, we will have an insightful lecture on Partition, Treaty and the Orange State 1920 – 1922 with Dr Fergal McCluskey. After that, we will have a great music set courtesy of J.j Ó Dochartaigh. Join us!!

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