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Solidarity with Palestine

From long before the establishment of Glór na Móna as an organisation in 2004, the activists involved have always campaigned and took action in solidarity with Palestine. Due to historical, political, economic and cultural conditions in Ireland, Irish people have always had a connection with the Palestinian struggle for freedom against the colonisation by the foreign Israeli government supported by Western imperialism.

This connection is not only realised by the wretched of the earth but also by the imperialists themselves, as the first military governor of Jerusalem, Ronald Storrs, argued at the time that the new Israeli state ‘would form for England “a little loyal Jewish Ulster” in a sea of hostile arabism.’

Glór na Móna’s solidarity initiatives for Palestine have become all the more necessary since the most recent phase of the Israeli genocide of Palestinians from October 2023 onwards.

Podcast with Palestinian activists from the Lajee Centre in July 2023 (listen here)

Glór na Móna Youth Solidarity with Palestine (more info)

Public meeting for Palestinian voices and plans of action in October 2023 (more info)

Upper Springfield demo for Palestine at Gael-Ionad Mhic Goill in November 2023

National Walk-Out for Palestine and local BDS campaign in December 2023

£2000 raised at local concert for UNWRA after it was defunded by the West (more info)


For more information regarding the solidarity programmes, contact:

Eoghan Ó Garmaile, Community Projects Officer


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