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Clár Fhéile na Carraige 2016

Féile na Carraige 2016As we announce our packed Féile na Carraige programme for 2016, the Glór na Móna community are delighted to do this from our very own unique new building, Gael-Ionad Mhic Goill, which was finally completed in June of this years after many long years of effort that saw many false dawns along the way. Kindly supported by DCAL/DFP, Belfast City Council and An Ciste Infheistíochta Gaeilge, the Gael-ionad draws historical allegiance from Seán Magoill and the pioneers of the Shaws Road Gaeltacht revolution who planted many seeds in the Upper Springfield area in darker times which are now taking root with a different generation. The Gael-Ionad will host many of our events during this years Féile, and is already developing a reputation as a dynamic community hub which platforms the transformative energy of youth and community activism that fosters participation, positivity and ownership amongst our fellow Gaels. This Féile intends to challenge, inspire and involve as many people as possible in a way that normalises a can-do culture of solidarity and collaboration. We aim to create alternative spaces where local people can engage and reflect on history, community, politics, culture and place whilst savouring an atmosphere of enjoyment and craic.

Therefore, in our view, local GAA sporting competitions, informed lectures on health and fitness, and sponsored 10k runs blend fluidly and with seamlessly with historical talks/debates, political internationalist theatre and the best of contemporary Irish traditional music. Healthy hearts create open minds and hope always springs eternal when we recognise our agency and its potential to change things for the better.

As we reflect on two defining commemorations, the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising and the 35th anniversary of the Hunger Strikes, Glór na Móna take great pride in our adherence to the progressive and radical values of the proclamation and view our Féile as a practical expression of our unwavering commitment to the ‘common good’. 

Similarly, we continue to draw inspiration from the sacrifice of committed Gaels in Long Kesh Prison who left an enduring legacy of participatory and selfless activism that encourages each and every one of us to become involved in our community and play our own particular part, ‘no matter how big or small’ in the fight back for a better world. Is ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine!

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