Free Breakfasts at the top of the rock!

Free Breakfasts at the top of the rock!

The many hundreds of schoolchildren and adults assembling and passing the top of the Whiterock road last Friday morning were greeted with a surprise as activists from local youth and community group Glór na Móna distributed free breakfast!

In launching their new ‘Bricfeasta Pobail Saor agus Gaelach’(Free and Gaelic community breakfast)  initiative, they were met with widespread positivity and gratitude. According to Glór na Móna activist Liam Óg Ó hAnnaidh:

‘We were met with resounding positivity and thanks from local people who engaged with us and enjoyed some tea/coffee and breakfast at the top of the rock. We had been reading about the Black Panthers and were inspired by their legendary breakfast clubs that J Edgar Hoover once described as the greatest threat to American National Security’.

‘In addition, our film club, Cumann Scannán Loch Lao have been collaborating with the PPR’s (participation and practice of rights project) Right 2 Work, Right 2 Welfare campaign and we recently showed the powerfully moving Ken Laoch film I Daniel Blake in the Cultúrlann last week.

‘We were shocked to learn that Belfast now has 13 foodbanks in 2017 in communities that are ravaged by unemployment. There is surely no bigger indictment of society and those in power. We also learned that thousands of sick, disabled and unemployed people are being financially sanctioned every month at social security offices whilst jobs are scarce because of failed government policy. These sanctions disproportionately target the people of West Belfast and are creating widespread humiliation and a culture of silence. People are in dire straits, afraid and alone.

‘We took this small step to provide a hot breakfast and beverage on a cold morning to anyone who wanted to avail of it. It was well received by everyone we met and proves that we don’t need permission or approval to be kind to our neighbours. Our aim with the ‘Bricfeasta Pobail  Saor agus Gaelach’ is help instil hope, pride and confidence in our local communities.

‘Our next outing will be Friday 24 February and the last Friday of every month thereafter. We assemble between 7.45 and 9.15 and welcome all help and support. Hopefully others across the city can be encouraged to do likewise and set up their Free breakfast initiatives to coincide with our own. 

If you’re interesting in supporting this initiative and/or working along with us, we can be contacted on or call us on 90234442.’



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