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Anam – Caifé na Carraige officially opens under the slogan of ‘comradeship, coffee and conversation’

Glór na Móna are delighted to open the doors of the new café to the local community

‘Anam – Caifé na Carraige’ was opened on Friday the 19th of June with a soft launch for the local community. There was music, craic and coffee as the café was jam packed for the launch as people gathered to have their first cup of coffee in the new social enterprise. This is a new project by Glór na Móna undet the slogan of ‘Comradeship, Coffee and Conversation’ which aims to provide high quality coffee and a welcoming space for the local community with affordable prices, friendly faces and amazing coffee.

Glór na Móna Director Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh said at the soft launch:

“The Caifé na Carraige social enterprise project will operate as an invaluable community asset for local residents in the Upper Springfield and greater West Belfast Area. The service will involve creating opportunities for employment for local residents as well as creating a social hub with local fresh produce at affordable prices where local residents can socialise and feel a sense of belonging and companionship in their local area.

The creation of a social enterprise in our community will help to deliver on specific targets for social clauses relating to work experience, training, apprenticeships and also through job creation for young people as part of our youth services. The primary project beneficiaries of the Caifé na Carraige capital project will be the local community in the Upper Springfield Area as evidenced by the extensive responses to the detailed community consultation which formed part of the feasibility study for the greater project. Young people, including post 16 school leavers and Irish language university graduates, will have numerous opportunities for accredited training, skill enhancement and employment all whilst remaining a part of the community sector and supporting the Irish language community’s revival efforts.

The Heritage Café concept is central to our long-term plans for Croí na Carraige as a multi-purpose community centre and ANAM provides us with an opportunity to trail the Café on a pilot scheme to develop the philosophy and self-help approach within the community.

The project location falls within a Neighbourhood Renewal area and thus social renewal and regeneration are enduring strategic priorities for the area. The site has been derelict for 17 years, thus becoming a site of anti-community behaviour that impacts on the quality of life for people in the area. Our proposal to redevelop and regenerate this site can have a positive impact for the Upper Springfield and Whiterock community. We can’t wait to get started.”

The Café manager Léann Ní Chonluain added:

“Here at Anam, we have created a space in which the local young people have a sense of belonging and ownership. This is for the local community and Irish speakers to come together in a social setting. It is also a heritage café and learning space which we hope will attract visitors who are keen to learn more about our area.

We place an emphasis on sustainability and self-sufficiency and are determined to promote the area – we will do that through using local produce whenever possible. Through the creation of a welcoming and inspiring space, we hope to have a positive impact on the lives of young people in the area and we welcome all and any support on our journey to make a difference in the upper springfield area.”

Opening Hours:

Every Friday: 9am-3pm

Every Saturday: 8am-3pm

For more information contact:

Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh



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